What Is Averroism, What Does It Mean?

What Is Averroism, What Does It Mean?

July 1, 2021 Off By Felso

Averroism is the teaching of the Islamic thinker Ibn Rushd. Westerners call Averroes, one of the Arabs of Spain, and Averroisme to his Aristotelian teaching. The West learned Greek philosophy and especially Aristotelianism from Ibn Rushd. His works were met with admiration and enthusiasm when translated into Latin.

Although Ibn Rusht took the Aristotelian elements from Farabi and Ibn Sina, he left them and dealt with the materialistic side of Aristotle. That is why the doctrine of Ibn Rushd, XII. In the 19th century, it was accused of being unchristian and banned.

The Dutch thinker Herman van Riswik, for example, was burned in 1512 for his Averroistism. The greatest and most fruitful product of Averroistism in the West is Roger Bacon. According to Ibn Rushd, the soul is mortal, everything that has a cause is necessary, and therefore God is also dependent on a necessity. Forms are hidden in matter and exist out of each other without requiring divine influence. For this reason, there can be no question of creation out of nothing, it is an eternal and necessary evolution, secretly and openly. Movement is an uninitiated and endless process. As it is seen, all these assumptions are all materialist assumptions that have their roots in Aristotle. Averroistism conflicts with the Christian church in many respects.

The universe is without a beginning and infinite (according to Christianity, the universe has a beginning and an end, it was created and will perish), there is no such thing as non-existence (according to Christianity, god created the universe out of nothing), the soul passes away with the body (according to Christianity, the soul is immortal), the gift of god cannot make a person immortal. According to Christianity, God’s gift saves man and makes him immortal). Man’s reason is the same as god (in Christianity man is a creature of god, incomplete and guilty, humiliated and fallen, so he cannot save himself by reason and can only ask for god’s forgiveness).