What Is Contradiction, What Does It Mean?

What Is Contradiction, What Does It Mean?

July 1, 2021 Off By Felso

The nature of those in conflict.

It is a term of logic, it expresses propositions that require the correctness of one, the falsity of the other, and the falsity of one, the correctness of the other in terms of quality and quantity.

Although contradictory propositions have the same subject and predicate, one is positive and the other negative in terms of quality, one is universal and the other is particular in terms of quantity. For example, the propositions “All people are smart-Some people are not smart” are contradictory in terms of quality and quantity, because one is positive, the other is negative, one is universal and the other is particular. These contradictory propositions contradict each other, if one is true the other is false, and if one is false the other is true. Both cannot be true and both false.

Therefore, thoughts, opinions, feelings and behaviors that contradict each other in spoken language are called contradictory. In logic, apart from propositions, the existence of one requires the absence of the other and the absence of one requires the existence of the other. For example, the concepts of color-colorless are contradictory, because if something is colored it is not necessarily colorless, if it is not colored it is necessarily colorless, and there is no third possibility between them.

In dialectical language, the term contradictory is used in a completely different sense from its meaning in logical language, in the sense of “the quality of the driving and developing opposition”. The separation of meaning of the term contradictory in logical and dialectal languages ​​corresponds to the separation of meaning of the term contradiction in logical and dialectal languages.