What is Crude Materialism, Crude Materialism, Vulgar Materialism?

What is Crude Materialism, Crude Materialism, Vulgar Materialism?

July 2, 2021 Off By Felso

The understanding of materialism, which reduces human consciousness to matter, is called vulgar materialism or vulgar materialism. It is also expressed in the idioms of vulgar materialism.

It was formed in the 19th century with a positivist nature against the German idealist philosophy. It was developed on the basis of spontaneous materialism in the natural sciences.

The main representatives of this movement are Swiss thinker Carl Vogt (1817-1895), French doctor and thinker Pierre Cabanis (1757-1808), German physiology scholar and thinker Jacob Moleschott (1822-1893) and Büchner.

Crude materialism, which reduces consciousness to matter and all psychic processes to physiological processes, has left many open and weak doors to the attacks of idealism. This movement also rejects philosophy and argues that philosophical problems can be solved by natural scientific research.

Although brute materialism, which argues that human consciousness, thoughts and emotions are determined by physiological processes, has achieved great success in intuiting the material unity of the universe, it has taken this conclusion to the extreme and reduced the upper to the lower, due to its lack of dialectic and necessarily falling into idealism.

Although the vulgar materialist approach opposes idealism, it has an idealist structure. And it carries the one-sided understanding of metaphysical thinking. It completely denies spiritual activity and, as a result, considers human consciousness as a matter.

For example, Karl Vogt says, “Just as the salivary glands secrete saliva or bile, so the brain releases thought”, Moleschott said “thought is phosphorus coming out of the brain”.

Mechanically savvy materialists such as Ludwig Büchner and Erns Haeckel have necessarily fallen into this crude materialism. For example, Haeckel said, “The soul is plasma”.