What is Darwinism (Darwinism)?

What is Darwinism (Darwinism)?

July 1, 2021 Off By Felso

Darwinism or Darwinism is the theory that explains the evolution of nature. The great English scholar and thinker Charles Darwin (1809-1882) is one of the four great scholars in human history who, along with Einstein and Pavlov, contributed greatly to the explanation of material nature.

Darwin’s great importance is that he put his understanding of evolution and transformation, which had been tried to be explained as fictional until he came to him, on a scientific basis. The truth that Darwin proved, in summary, is this: living nature, including man, came into being through evolution. The driving force of this evolution is the ‘fight for life’ and the consequent ‘natural selection’.

In this process, man also emerged from an animal species. The abundant scientific observations Darwin obtained on a world tour attest to this fact. Thus, the hypotheses of evolution by ‘heritability’ and ‘adaptation to the environment’ put forward by Lamarck, and the evolution of living species by ‘transformation’ from simple to complex, put forward by Diderot, Robinet, and Charles de Bonnet, gained a scientific basis.

Darwin’s theory can be summarized as follows: There are few places to live on Earth, creatures that have to live in this narrow space multiply rapidly. In this fight, those who have the strength to survive remain alive and continue their species. This is a ‘natural selection’. Beings are selected with such a selection and continue their species in an evolutionary development. Those who survive the fight for survival are those who show certain characteristics, these characteristics are passed on to new generations by heredity.

Plant and animal breeders get new species by vaccinating those with abnormal characteristics, and this grafting (and speciation N.), which even humans can do, is done more easily and naturally. As a result, species were not created as creationism (N.) suggests, they were formed by natural factors. These scientific facts are in harmony with the holy book, creationism, etc., which assigns an age of six thousand years to the universe and states that all beings between heaven and earth were created in six days and in their present forms. It has completely demolished metaphysical and idealist theories such as The scientific consequences of Darwin’s theory are much more important than what he thinks.

Prepared by: Sociologist Ömer Yıldırım