What is Demiourgos?

What is Demiourgos?

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Adjuster God.

According to the ancient Greek thinker Plato, the idea of ​​good is a regulative God. He did not create, he gave form. Ancient Greeks had no idea of ​​creation; has an understanding of making, arranging and shaping like an artist or an architect. According to this understanding, the world was not created out of nothing, but formless matter, which, like ideas, is primal and infinite, was created by arranging and shaping it.

According to Plato, exemplary in this formation are the ideas, all beings in the universe were made by forming matter in accordance with these ideal archetypes (Fr. Archetype). This term was used by Plotin to mean the spirit of the universe, by the gnostics to mean the second God, and by Hegel to mean the thought process. It has been translated into our language as epitken.

Demiourgos, which originally means “craftsman”, “master worker” or “worker”, is the organizing god or divine power that shapes the physical or material world in Plato’s Timaios dialogue, where he reveals the knowledge of the universe.

However, Demiourgos is not a creator god who created the visible world out of nothing, but as it can be understood from the origin of the word, he is a divine power that manages, establishes and creates this world according to a pre-existing purpose. Demiourgos found ready-made raw materials; He worked on the Ideas, which are immutable, perfect, absolute forms—especially Plato’s “Idea of ​​the Good”, which he held supreme. Plato identified Demiourgos, who established the audible or visible world by imitating the World of Ideas at the end of Timaios, with the “Idea of ​​Good” and described the universe he created as “the best that could be”.

Demiourgos continued to play important roles in later Platonic philosophy. For example, it is used in the sense of “spirit of the universe” in Plotinos (Nineties, II, 3,I In the dual ethics of the Knowers, Demiourgos corresponds to another god whose faulty, deficiency, creator of evil, is below the true god, the highest god.