What is Dual Reality Teaching?

What is Dual Reality Teaching?

June 27, 2021 Off By Felso

In the Dharmas, which contain Buddha’s teachings, Buddha promoted “Dual Reality”.

The first is the “Hidden Truth” and the other is the “Reality of the Highest Sense”. The difference between these two is not felt much. In any case, a deep truth cannot be noticed in Buddha’s teachings. These facts cannot be expressed in words or demonstrated by the senses. If reality were reached through the senses, Nirvana would not be attained.

The above section is an expression of Nagarjuna describing the difference between the two realities. Later, this view was continued in the Madhyamaka (Middle Way), and today Buddhist schools accept this understanding. In the first Buddhist research, this “Two Realities” model was examined between “samutti sacca and paramattha sacca” and a reality rating was made between the two. Nagarjuna elaborated on this model and only changed the use of Sanskrit expressions. He called them “Samutti Satya” (true awareness) and “Paramartha Satya” (supreme truth). One cannot tell the highest reality, one can only explain it through conventional reality to reach intuitive insight directly. This basic pattern of behavior is illustrated in Zen as follows:

“The finger points to the moon, but it is not the moon that is shown.”