What Is Environmentalism, What Does It Mean?

What Is Environmentalism, What Does It Mean?

July 1, 2021 Off By Felso

eng. environmentalism; fr. environemental; al. environmentalismus

In the context of today’s philosophy, environmentalism, which mostly overlaps with the “Green” political philosophy, first emerged as a doctrine emphasizing the impact of the environment on people or the importance of the environment in determining human behavior. In this sense, environmentalism is the product of human external conditions; It corresponds to the understanding that sees it as the sum of natural, social and cultural conditions.

Whereas . Environmentalism or environmental philosophy, which made itself felt in the last quarter of the century, is a “warning philosophy” directed at human beings who exploit nature to their bones or think that they can knead it as they wish.

All environmentalist doctrines, from Leopold’s “Ethics of Soil”, which broke out in the 1950s, to the radical environmental ethics of “Deep Ecology” or “ecosphism” developed by Naess in the 1970s, hide behind scientific and technological developments and ignore nature and ignore nature. It constantly reminds humanity of the irreparable consequences of this “ignorance”, which forgets that they have rights.

Although there seems to be almost no species of living things that humans cannot eradicate for the sake of their own interests at the point reached today, it should not be forgotten that humans are also a living species.