What Is Evolutionism, What Does It Mean?

What Is Evolutionism, What Does It Mean?

July 1, 2021 Off By Felso

We can answer the question of what is evolutionism as follows: Evolutionism is the general name for teachings based on evolutionary thought. Evolutionism names the teachings of Lamarck and Darwin, which postulate the evolution of living things.


Lamarck argued that living things change with ‘adaptation to the environment’ and that environmental changes are passed on to new generations by ‘heredity’. To this teaching, which could not explain the reasons for the migration of migrating species, Darwin added the law of “natural selection” that explained these reasons. Furthermore, Darwin developed a scientific theory of evolutionism using an inductive method based on numerous experiments.

The term evolutionism also names the teaching of the English thinker Herbert Spencer. Spencer extended evolution as a general law to all beings, in the sense that one species develops by dividing into another. He argued that evolution is the general law of all natural, vital, spiritual, and social occurrences. However, what he put forward was a continuous and quantitative understanding of evolution. Natural and social realities, on the other hand, demonstrated an evolution by leaps and bounds, from quantitative accumulations to qualitative changes.

Contrary to this argument, with the same metaphysical understanding, the French metaphysician Bergson’s ‘creative evolution’ theory asserts that evolution consists only of qualitative changes. Underneath these crude or crude evolutionist teachings, which allege quantitative or only qualitative changes as evolution in the universal sense, lies the understanding of “theological evolutionism”, which argues that evolution is a God’s plan that gradually unfolds over the ages. Crude or vulgar understandings of evolutionism, which are considered by some to be contrary to theology, are, on the contrary, adequate to theology. The understanding of Hegel, which is put forward to explain the logical development of thought, is such an evolutionism.