What is Family?

What is Family?

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The family is the closest and therefore the most influential social unit to the individual. The environment in which people first meet when they open their eyes to the world, and then they grow up in, where they spend most of their daily lives, is always the family.

“What is family?” In order to answer the question, to determine the role of the family in social life, to understand its historical adventure and what kind of changes it may undergo in the coming years, it is necessary to analyze the multidimensional reality of the family institution from a sociological perspective.

The family is the smallest social institution consisting of adults of both sexes and their children. In connection with the structure of the society in which they live, parents contribute to the socialization of the child before school. In this process, the child internalizes the culture of the society and the roles of mother and father in connection with the roles of women and men.

As in all societies, the family is one of the most important institutions in Turkey. Family members have high social and economic expectations from each other. The most important indicator revealing the importance of the family and the high expectations in Turkey is that 55.0% of individuals prefer to stay with their children in old age. Again, according to the same study, the rate of those who said they would go to a nursing home was given as 9.3%.

According to the Life Satisfaction Survey carried out by the Turkish Statistical Institute between 2004 and 2008, the people who are the source of happiness for individuals in Turkey are the whole family to a significant extent.

Family; connected to each other by marriage, blood or adoption ties, forming a single household, interacting with each other as husband and wife, parents, daughter and son, sister and brother, each in their own social position, creating and sharing a common culture. and sustaining group of individuals. In addition, the family community is often used with the term “household” because it consists of a single household. To make another explanation; According to Turkish Law, the family is a community that is bound to each other by blood or reaction, and the legal relationship between them is regulated by civil law.

The family is a natural society of great importance; because the protection and upbringing of children imposes a number of duties on the parents that they can only carry out through a constant union. Therefore, the place of education in the family is very important.

Subject Headings
What are the functions of the family institution?
Marriage, divorce and continuity of the family
What are the types of marriage?
What are family models?
The place and importance of women in society

Prepared by: Sociologist Ömer Yıldırım