What Is Feminism, What Does It Mean?

What Is Feminism, What Does It Mean?

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Feminism is advocacy for women’s rights. “Women’s rights” started to be a concept that we started to hear frequently after the 60’s. The feminist movement has been effective in filling the content of this concept. Within the framework of feminism, it would be a one-dimensional analysis to address the women’s issue only in terms of inequality between men and women. Because the problem of women is a complex phenomenon in which economic, political, ideological and psychological aspects are intertwined.

Feminism can be defined as a view that opposes gender discrimination in general and advocates political, economic and social equality between the sexes. Feminism In the West, with the French Revolution, women’s right to vote and be elected, the right to property were defended within the framework of the concept of women’s freedom. As a result of various actions and reforms, some rights have been obtained for women. After gaining these rights, feminists continue their struggle, arguing that their freedom is not limited to these rights alone, but that the main problem is the cultural dominance of men.

The feminist movement is historically divided into two periods, before World War I and after 1968. Many women came together with this movement and said, “More importantly, they made a lot of unrelated women realize that something should be done against the inequality between men and women.

Feminism tended to spread to a wider base after 1968. Today, feminism is embraced by various women’s groups in different countries with some differences in emphasis. While women’s rights in the West are theoretically discussed and developed under the influence of various currents of thought, women’s rights in Turkish society are a tool that should be taken into account not only for cultural reasons, but also for the profit maximization of the enterprise, based on an economic basis for the development of the country from the Tanzimat to the present; In sociological terms, it has come to the fore when it is considered as units that are taken into account in accordance with the requirements of the gender role.

Since a theory that allows to analyze the feminist view that criticizes the patriarchal social order as a whole has not been developed, feminist thinkers continue to seek alternative solutions to women’s rights with the theories they have created under the influence of currents of thought such as liberalism, Marxism, psychoanalysis, existentialism, and radicalism. These feminist theories assume that women are devalued within the patriarchal social order structure and question the reason for this.

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