What is Fideism (Faith)?

What is Fideism (Faith)?

July 2, 2021 Off By Felso

Fideism or faith is the general name of the teachings that substitute belief for knowledge. Believe is the acceptance of what can never be proved. Fideism is an epistemological theory that argues that belief is independent of reason, or that reason and belief are hostile to each other, and that belief is superior in reaching certain truths.

Fideism encompasses all metaphysical teachings that are connected to God through belief and that are outside the realm of experience. Because of this metaphysical necessity, medieval intellectuals had to separate the fields of reason and belief and put forward the doctrine of double truth. According to the doctrine of the double truth, the domain of belief is one and the domain of reason is another. Humanism is a phrase used against rationalism.

For example, Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) says:

“O clumsy mind, understand your pitifulness. O foolish nature, shut up, you can obtain the existence of God by faith, not by proof and proof.”

Pierre Bayle (1647-1706) also states:

“It is futile to try to reconcile the idea of ​​God with reason. They can never be compatible. So it is necessary to consider each one in its own field.”

The real virtue is to believe that the mind does not understand, not that the mind does. In Islamic philosophy, the Ash’arites also say: The mind can never reach the truth. The servant can only be happy by believing unconditionally. Moreover, it cannot be said that the mind cannot know tomorrow what it does not know today. Therefore, one should not lose faith in the facts that he may reach tomorrow, just because he has not reached it today.