What Is Homeomer, What Does It Mean?

What Is Homeomer, What Does It Mean?

July 1, 2021 Off By Felso

A similar piece or seed… This phrase is not Anaxagoras as is commonly thought, but Aristotle used it when describing the philosophy of Anaxagoras. According to Anaxagoras, who developed Empedocles’s hypothesis of four elements, everything that exists consists of material and homogeneous particles. While describing this, Aristotle says: “What Anaxagoras said about the elements is the opposite of what Empedocles said.

While Empedocles says that earth, air, water and fire are the elements that create everything, Anaxagoras on the contrary says that omoiomeres are the elements found in everything. By this is meant flesh, bone, and anything like that. All four elements arise from such seeds. All of them are born out of the coming together of all kinds of homogeneous pieces of matter in invisible smallness”. Aristotle and his followers used the Greek terms omoiomer, omoiomereia, omoiomereiai in this regard. In another article, Aristotle says the following on the same subject: “The most difficult thing for Anaxagoras was how something could possibly arise from non-existence or how the existent could become non-existent. Now we get one kind of food, for example bread and water. Hair, veins, arteries, meat, nerves, bones, etc. from this food. is occurring. So the food we take contains all of these, everything. And everything is made up of the existent alone. This food contains blood, nerves, bones and all the parts that are the givers of others.

But these are parts that can only be seen with the mind. Because of the weakness of our senses, we are unable to see the truth, says Anaxagoras. As evidence, it shows the change in colors mixed as small pieces. If we take two dyes, black and white, and pour one of them drop by drop into the other, our sense will not be able to distinguish this gradual change, although in reality the dye has changed” (Hermann Diels, Die Fragmente der Vordokratiker, A 43, 46; B 21). This dye proof by Anaxagoras is the first experiment to be found in the field of thought. The phrase homoiomeries was translated into Ottoman Turkish as eczai mumasile. Anaxagoras thought basically says that everything is in everything. This is a competent understanding of materialism and expresses universal unity and dependence. According to Anaxagoras, these main substances are infinitely numerous and infinitely small, and form all bodies by combining and separating.

Anaxagoras used the term spermata for these, not omoiomere, but as it is understood from the small writings left from him. A very important point in this regard is that Anaxagoras’ spermata are not based on indivisibility at a point like Democritus’ atoms. According to Anaxagoras, the infinite divisibility of bodies is due to the infinite number of spermata in every body. The expression homeomer, expressing the similar meaning, Yu. It is derived from the root homoios. The prefix homeo, which has passed into Western languages ​​through Latin and adds this meaning to many words, also comes from this Greek root.