What is Instantness, What Does It Mean?

What is Instantness, What Does It Mean?

July 1, 2021 Off By Felso

(Os. Aptitude, Worthy, Ability, License, Consent, Fr. Aptitude, Al. Eigung, Eng. Ability) Natural talent.

1. Etymology: The term anıklık is derived from the root of anık, which means ready, complete, competent in Uighur. In Ottoman Turkish, this term has been mixed with various meanings. For example, Ahmet Naim İlmünnefis translated the French term aptitude with the term ability, and also used the terms passibilité, capacité, faculté, receptivité, vacation with the same meaning. However, the French term aptitude is derived from the Indo-European language group, from the root ap, which means to bind, to hold, to touch, to grow, to go out, with the Latin word apere with the same meanings. Its exact equivalent in Turkish is natural ability or natural ability (Os. İstidat).

2. Psychology: Survival refers to the natural convenience that enables to do a job with less effort and with more competence.

3. Theology: Psychological meaning is described as God-given. It is also used to mean the call of God heard in the heart (Os. Hidayet, Fr. Vocation).