What is Instrumentalism? Tooling

What is Instrumentalism? Tooling

July 1, 2021 Off By Felso

If one asks what is instrumentalism or instrumentalism in Turkish, it will be possible to answer this question as follows: Instrumentalism or instrumentalism or instrumentalism; It is the teaching of the American pragmatist philosopher John Dewey, which regards scientific theories as tools.

American thinker Dewey, who started from the practice of the American thinker William James; considers scientific laws, theories and concepts as “tools”. If these tools or devices are successful, they are good and real; if they are not successful, they are bad and unreal.

William James

Instrumentalism, called experimental logic, denies objective scientism.

According to the instrumentalist movement, science has no objective realism other than the investigation of the most favorable behavior in a given situation. Instrumentalism or instrumentalism is a subjective idealist understanding because it reduces objectivity to subjectivity.

For example, instrumentalism regards law only as an instrument of social change and denies that it has a unique nature. Again, instrumentalism accepts that the law has no value, it can only be aimed at a tool value such as establishing the current order, otherwise it does not have a meaning for the purpose values ​​such as common benefit, justice and freedom.