What is Mahizm (Machizm), What Does It Mean?

What is Mahizm (Machizm), What Does It Mean?

July 2, 2021 Off By Felso

Machism or Mahism is the positivist teaching of the German thinker Ernst Mach. Machism, the teaching of the German physicist and thinker Ernst Mach, is one of the most obvious examples of unscientificness in its scientific aspect.

In his teaching known as Empiriocriticisme, he argued that existence consists of elements called sensation, that all nature is the sum of these series of elements arranged in human thought, and that everything we think is objective is actually our subjective sensations. According to him, being is a karma of sensations. All physical and psychic realities are basically reduced to subjective sensations.

The followers of Mach, realizing that it is not possible to go this far in the claim of being scientific, claimed that these sensations do not belong to anyone and are neutral, and tried to hide his subjective idealism. However, this neutral concept, which is defined as being neither physical nor psychic, did not add any truth to Mach’s argument. Because there is nothing in nature that is not physical or psychic.


Although Ernst Mach denied objective nature and therefore science and thus fell into metaphysics, he also fought metaphysics and accused Kant of not being able to clean metaphysics. is growing”. Mach, who was against the atomic theory like all material theories, accused the physics researches in this way as unscientific in a discussion with the famous physicist Planck. According to him, since there is no reality in nature, there is neither atom nor noumena, that is, reality in itself.

This means that there is nothing in the world but my subjective existence, which is an unscientific idealism that amounts to solipsism. Mach’s conclusion is the necessary consequence of positivist thought. It can be said that positivism (Positivism) XX. At the beginning of the century, it turned into a form of Mahism, to be transformed into other forms in the future. It claims to be a third way by supposedly turning its back on metaphysics as well as physics. In fact, he follows the view of the English thinkers George Berkeley (1685-1753) and David Hume (1711-1776), defending subjective spiritism by implicitly asserting that there is no objective truth outside the thinking man.

By reducing all things other than man to the senses of man, he does not recognize the world that exists outside and before man. The experimenter appears, but denies the existence of objective truth in the experiment. He argues that only the perceptions obtained by the senses are real for human beings and that humans should be content with these designs. Mahism is combined with the thought of Richard Avenarius (1843-1896), also called empiriocriticism. It has been clearly demonstrated that the Machians’ recourse to verbal experimentation never made them scientific.

Considering empiricism (also known as empiriocriticisme, which means empiricism, empiricism) in an idealistic sense, which is the exact opposite of its materialist meaning, Machism accepts that the origin of knowledge is experimental on the one hand, and denies the existence of objective truth in experiment on the other. He asserts that the subject of experiment is not the objective world but sensations and perceptions, which is simply subjective idealism. “Everyone knows what sensation in man is, but sensation without man, or sensation existing before man, is nothing but absurd.”

The claims of the Machians to rise above materialism and Idealism by fabricating neutral elements are characterized as philosophical quackery in dialectical materialist philosophy. A famous dialectician asks the Machians these questions that any sane person can easily answer: Was there nature before man? According to the Machians, it does not exist because the individual human sense created nature. Does he think with his brain?

According to the Machians, man does not think with his brain, because the organ called the brain was created by individual human thought. Are there people other than yourself around you? According to the Machians, it does not exist, because those other people are also the product of individual sensation and thought. Machism is a very clear solipsism, and this is the clearest proof of its absurdity.