What is Monad, What Does It Mean?

What is Monad, What Does It Mean?

July 2, 2021 Off By Felso

In Leibniz’s philosophy, the name given to the infinitely small spiritual-material beings that make up the ultimate reality. Leibniz used this term as the basic concept of philosophy. Each monad is a single, indestructible, dynamic substance that differs from other monads according to its degree of consciousness. There is no real causal relationship between monads, but each contains a principle of change within itself. In the order established by God at the time of creation, all monads were arranged simultaneously with each other. Therefore, each monad reflects the entire changing reality as it is, even though it is not affected by other monads. Thus, unity dominates the world of differences.

This term was first used by the Ancient Pythagoreans. According to the Pythagoreans, the monad is a universal mathematical unit that includes spirit and matter at the same time and is the number “1”. Later, this idiom that Plato used for his ideas expressed God in the language of the Neoplatonists.

Monotheism: The belief that God is separate and one from the world. Although the largest monotheistic systems are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, monotheistic elements are found in many religions. In these three religions based on monotheism, god carries the characteristics of unity and simplicity (god as eternal being). It is also an expression of loyalty and reliability. Unlike the understanding of god in pantheism, the god in monotheism has his own personality. By his own will he created both natural and spiritual worlds. God is also the source of the highest good.

The Hebrew scriptures show that the Israelites worshiped one god without denying the existence of other gods. In Christianity, there is the trinity of father, son and holy spirit. These move these two religions away from monotheism. Monotheism is not emphasized as much in Christianity and Judaism as it is in Islam. According to Islamic belief, Allah is one, his existence has no beginning and no end, and is unlike any of the created things.