What Is My Automation, What Does It Mean?

What Is My Automation, What Does It Mean?

July 2, 2021 Off By Felso

A giant that has its own source. Aristotle described the phenomena that could not be tied to a specific purpose in nature as ‘self-occurring’, whereas the facts that had a specific purpose were, according to him, the product of a factor.

The question of whether the motion occurs spontaneously or by an external effect is one of the main problems that has confronted materialists and thinkers since antiquity and separated them from each other. The materialist thinkers of antiquity, in various expressions (combination and disintegration of the elements, the conflict of love and hate, the atom and the void), said that motion occurs spontaneously (automatic), while the thinkers in various expressions (idea, first flick, first thrust, and finally god) say that it occurs under the influence of a factor. they said.

The predominance of this metaphysical factor (even today) is mainly due to the theology that dominated European thought throughout the Middle Ages. (still ignorance and the dominance of belief in god are the main factors. N.)

What is Self-Motion?

The motion whose source is in the motion. It is a materialist understanding of motion and requires a specificity. The thoughtful understanding of motion has always sought the source of motion in an external influence (usually in god). The mechanistic view, too, requires a ‘first flick’ and, as a result, merges with the thoughtful notion of motion. Against these, the materialist understanding has always sought motion in nature since the ancient Ionian philosophy.

Ionians motion with the union and separation of elementary particles, Empedocles with love and hate, Leucippus and Democritus with atoms and space; In other words, they always explained it with nature and its spontaneous movement. In the historical process, Spinoza’s idea of ​​”self-cause”, Leibniz’s hypothesis of self-determining monads, Kantian thoughts on universal formation and development, Schelling evolutionism and Hegel dialectic are stages that progress towards the explanation of the reality of self-motion. Automotion has been scientifically explained in terms of historical and dialectical materialism.