What is Philosophical Knowledge?

What is Philosophical Knowledge?

December 21, 2019 0 By Felso

It is more difficult to state philosophical knowledge than others. It is even possible to say that the most important problem of philosophy is the problem of philosophy itself.

The best thing to do when trying to understand philosophical knowledge or philosophy is to look at the work of people called philosophers throughout history   . From this point of view, it is seen that philosophers produce different concrete philosophies at different times, in different cultures, for different purposes and different functions. However,  it is observed that people who live in these different times and produce different philosophies for different purposes have some common features in their work  .

Kant defined philosophy as biçim a form of mental activity that claims to legitimize or justify itself for reasoning reasons ”. In our opinion, this attitude reveals a point that makes philosophy philosophy and is common to all examples of philosophical thinking. It is necessary to understand here a broad set of reasons, which include all kinds of experiments, observations, all kinds of reasoning and intuition based on reason. From the claim of çıkarmak justifying or justifying ”  , it is necessary to understand koyma putting forward any proposition with evidence, basis or facts that make it possible to put forward this proposition ..

Source:  Professor Dr. Ahmet Arslan – Introduction to Philosophy