What Is Reconstructionism, What Does It Mean?

What Is Reconstructionism, What Does It Mean?

June 29, 2021 Off By Felso

The Reconstructionist education movement is a continuation of the progressivism movement. It is one of the last emerging trends. The philosophy on which the current is based is “pragmatism”. John Dewey, Isaac Bergson, T. Brameld are representatives.

The economic crisis, social depressions and technological developments in the United States, which have become threatening to human existence, have led to the understanding of progressivism as aimless or unable to function, and as a reaction to it, it has prepared the formation of the re-constructionist movement.

According to reconstructionism, in order to keep up with the constantly existing developments and changes, a new one should be built instead of the old and destroyed values ​​by making a choice in the struggle for existence.

Although the common goal of all thoughts is the happiness of humanity, there is a conflict between these thoughts on the ways to be followed and adhered to in reaching the goal. Especially in the philosophy of the state and society, the theological and political ideas that are very different from each other and working on what kind of administration and who should govern the state. available.

John Dewey is one of the most important representatives of reconstructionism.

Among these conflicting values, one does not know which one to adhere to. In this case, a free environment is required where all these ideas can be defended on a legal basis. This environment is only possible with democracy.

For this reason, civilizations should adopt democracy, which is a form of government based on the ideas that pluralist participation will generally be more accurate, know and apply better, and that the minority can defend their views and counter-criticize, and that the government can be determined by elections. This is something that can only be achieved through education. Because education is a tool of change and balance.

Since reality shows a relativity depending on change, education is a tool that can keep up with this relativity and re-establish values ​​that are destroyed or obsolete at any moment. In this context, the aim of education is to realize change on the way to a world civilization, by ensuring the happiness of people and an environment of peace and tranquility.

Since reality is not only specific to the moment, but also covers the future, education has to consider not only the present but also the future. In other words, education is the process of preparing for the future by using the past as a tool between the past and the future. In this context, the courses should have a scientific character that is open to change if the content is future-oriented.

The school should be the responsible organizer of social change and restructuring of society, starting from individual individuals to society. Because goals are so important, lessons, content, and topics should be structured according to goals, as tools for re-establishment.

According to the understanding of reconstructionism, the school should be responsible for a social change starting from individual individuals and towards society.

Educational situations should be arranged in line with this purpose, and all kinds of materials and teaching methods and strategies that will work towards reaching the goal should be used, and new ones should be developed when necessary.

Within the framework of the principle of benefit in terms of purpose, which is legitized by the goals, democratic classroom environments should be organized in which all kinds of ideas and thoughts can be freely discussed and criticized, and where the individuals decide which one to decide on, and where the teacher is guided.

Classroom discussions should be held to solve social and natural problems related to the future. In educational activities, practical rather than theoretical; Experiences that will develop individuals’ own competencies and reveal their latent powers should be preferred.

The main purpose of all these ideas is to describe how education should be as a tool that will enable the re-establishment of the basic dynamics of the society depending on the changing conditions in the struggle for preparation for the future and existence.


For Reconstructionism, the aim of education is considered to be to reorganize society and to establish real democracy in society. Education is one of the important tools in developing a clear social reform movement. Education should attempt to create a new social order. The main responsibility for social change lies in schools. The main power in this job is in the teachers. The school should be future-oriented in a way that allows for a new social development. The important feature of this movement is the belief that education will rebuild society based on the findings of behavioral sciences.

This movement, like progressivism, is a philosophy based on pragmatism. In fact, progressivism is seen as a continuation of the philosophy of education. According to Dewey, education is a social process and an effective tool for the restructuring of society. For this reason, the school should not only be an institution that transmits cultural heritage, but also an institution that produces solutions to political and social problems.

The school is a social reform a