What Is Religion, What Does It Mean?

What Is Religion, What Does It Mean?

July 1, 2021 Off By Felso

A belief-based system of supernatural designs and processes.

Archaeological research has proven that religious designs have only existed for 50,000 years. So man has lived twenty million years (or several million years) away from the thought of religion.

The first designs were born out of the feeling of powerlessness that people have in the face of nature. Listen, they have always carried this basic cause, and they have deepened it over time. The relationship between man and supernatural power has always remained a master-slave relationship.

Not being able to understand and explain the much feared death event also made this relationship rooted for the benefit of the master, the master is so strong that he will continue to help and protect after death. First, the phenomenon of seeing protective powers in animals and plants, called totemism, made polytheism, and in time, the tendency to seek a lord (king) in the kingdom of heaven, as in the reign of earth, transformed it into polytheistic monotheism.

After the transition from the ancient society to the feudal society based on land slavery, religions became the state religion. The German idealist Hegel, in his “Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion”, says in summary: “For the Indian, supernatural power is everything, man is nothing. For the Greek, man is everything, supernatural power is very little. Christianity, on the other hand, has attempted a Man-god synthesis with the idea of ​​god realized in man. It is philosophy that gives it a rational form.”

Philosophy, born out of seeking and loving knowledge, has taken on the nature of seeking and loving the knowledge of God for centuries in the West and East. Religion, which was at first the consolation of people’s fear of death and extinction, gradually became the consolation of poverty.