What Is Right, What Does It Mean?

What Is Right, What Does It Mean?

July 1, 2021 Off By Felso

(1. Os. Adil, Muhik, Legitimate, Right, Good, Good, Substantial, Sahih, OK… 2. Os. Truth, Authentic, Faithful, Genuine, Substantial, Natural, Right, Strict, Sure, Vakî, Sevap …)

Wake up to reality. It gives a legal meaning. It is used in exchange for unfair and unlawful. As a logical term, correct action is legal action. As an ethical term, the right person is someone who acts in accordance with the law. The right mind, as a term of psychology, is the mind that judges by law.

It gives an informational meaning. It is used in exchange for falsehood and lies. The German thinker Kant regards truth in this sense as the sense of theoretical reason. The French thinker Descartes describes clear and distinct knowledge as correct in this sense. Metaphysics correctly asserted the conscious truth in this sense. The skepticism of Hellenistic philosophy is of the opinion that true knowledge cannot be obtained in this sense and avoids judging the truth in this sense. His scientific work aims at the truth in this sense, and with each new step he does not falsify it, but only limits it.

The close dependence and objective source of the concepts of true and genuine, which critique, neo-Kantianism and logical positivism claim to be a priori in reason and a common feature among people, are revealed in dialectical materialist philosophy. According to dialectical materialist philosophy, the concept of truth expresses the conformity of logical operations to the rules of logic, and the concept of truth expresses the conformity of thought to objective reality. Being true is a necessary condition of being true, in other words, what is not true cannot be true. Because the rules and laws of logic are also reflected in the objective reality in the final analysis, and logical truth means the conformity of intellectual operations to certain relations of objective reality reflected in the rules of logic.