What Is Romance, What Does It Mean?

What Is Romance, What Does It Mean?

June 29, 2021 Off By Felso

Romance; rather than rational criticism, it expresses a primarily striking philosophical adaptation called living, even unconscious, creation. Many thinkers, important or insignificant, can be considered romantic; but in philosophy, Novalis and Schelling expressed the romantic phenomenon most competently; Novalis, whose poetic side predominates, died young before he could complete his works; Schelling, on the other hand, is metaphysician and systematic.

Romantic thought is the way of thinking that put forward the first criticism of the enlightened ideals and the theoretical positions on which they are based. This philosophy is largely rooted in the philosophy of Kant.

Nature and naturalization are the basic premises of romantic thought. Romance unfolds in different locations in different places. It is more of an aesthetic theory and practice in England, a social reaction and a search for a new social contract in France, and a philosophy and thought movement in Germany.

It differs fundamentally from enlightenment in terms of human understanding. Man is always born into a certain tradition, a culture and a way of life; Of course, he is naked at birth like all natural beings, he gets dressed later and becomes human with this dressing. In this sense, humanization is the alienation of man from his own nature, his alienation from being a natural being and becoming artificial.

Romanticism is deeply skeptical of theoretical abstractions and transcendence of reason. Rational analysis leaves its place to the intuitive and sensory. Aesthetic and creative enthusiasm is emphasized instead of science. He treated man as a part of nature. In this sense, romanticism is positioned as a conservative but realistic thought.

Prepared by: Sociologist Ömer Yıldırım