What is Social Disintegration, What are its Causes?

What is Social Disintegration, What are its Causes?

July 2, 2021 Off By Felso

Social disintegration is the deterioration of social unity as a result of the incompletion of material and spiritual cultural elements in a society. Social disintegration is a phenomenon directly related to social integration. As the bonds that hold the society together and enable it to integrate within itself weaken, cracks occur in social integrity and social disintegration inevitably occurs.

With social disintegration, values ​​and norms lose their power and do not mean the same for individuals and groups that make up the society. The resulting confusion will bring about a collapse in the daily flow of moral, economic and social life. As a result of social disintegration, crime rates increase in society, and social institutions such as family, education, politics and religion turn into dysfunctional and hollow institutions.

No society remains indifferent to this situation, on the contrary, societies take various measures that resist disintegration and aim to re-establish social integration.


In order to develop measures against social disintegration, it is first necessary to determine what causes social disintegration and to analyze it thoroughly. The main causes of social disintegration are the differentiation of strata, the restriction of human rights and freedoms, the inadequacy of organization, the inadequacy of democratic institutionalization and the weakening of the consciousness of national unity.

Differentiation of the layers

As a result of technological development, the importance of some professions in society decreases or increases. This, in turn, changes the strata, and therefore the social position of individuals. It causes people with a certain lifestyle not to adapt to new conditions. In the same way, the difference between the rich and the poor in the society and the increase in the distance between the layers also undermine the trust of individuals in the society.

social stratification pyramids
Restriction of human rights and freedoms

If human rights are not protected or restricted in a society, the atmosphere of peace and security disappears. people live in fear that their rights will be violated by someone else at any moment, they do not trust each other.

The strong in society oppress the weak. There is no equality between people, some people are considered more privileged. The power to rule passes to these privileged people and democracy leaves its place to oppressive rule. As a result, people lose their attachment to society and social disintegration occurs.

lack of organization

Industrialization and the development of the division of labor have created a new way of life. This way of life necessitated organization. Some institutions in the society have disappeared because their functions have ended, some have transferred some of their functions to other institutions and new institutions have emerged.

Economic, political and professional organizations gained strength. Failure to organize according to the new conditions disrupts the balance in social life and creates a basis for social disintegration.

Lack of democratic institutionalization

In a social structure where traditions lose their dominance, if democratization and modernization have not taken place, social disintegration begins. Because, in a democratized structure, mechanisms to eliminate or mitigate the problems that will lead to resolution also develop.

For example, the recognition of the right to vote and to be elected, the right to collective bargaining, freedom of thought, equality of opportunity in education, social security, and an increase in the status gained through education are the requirements of democracy. With all these practices and institutions, democracy ensures social integration.

In addition, respect for differences, which is a requirement of democracy, prevents social disintegration.

Respect for differences, which is a requirement of democracy, prevents social disintegration.
Weakening of national unity consciousness

Consciousness of national unity enables people to live in unity and togetherness. The primary reason for the weakening of this consciousness is the weakening of commitment and solidarity in social relations and family structure.

The weakening of the consciousness of national unity causes the inability to integrate in the society around spiritual values. As a result, social disintegration occurs.

Total wars of modern times, supported by new technologies, are also one of the important and equally destructive causes of social disintegration.

From the moment it arises, war affects the whole country and the whole society. Economic activities, production and investment activities are entirely directed towards supporting the war. Inflation rises, black market emerges.

Large migration movements are seen. War also causes disruptions in the functioning of many social institutions. Gaps appear in the educational institution, in the legal institution. Due to the inability of institutions to fulfill their functions, some disruptions occur in daily life.

National unity consciousness enables people to live in unity and togetherness.
Causes of Social Disintegration: Summary
Weakening of mutual love, respect, commitment and solidarity in social relations and family structure.