What is Sociology, Collectivism, Society?

What is Sociology, Collectivism, Society?

June 29, 2021 Off By Felso

Sociology means the originality of society or sociology and socialism. According to sociology, it is true that nature acts on us; but not much. It is also true that history has an impact on man and his structure; but not that much. What really makes me is the social order and social environment that dominates me.

If I am a generous or very zealous and virtuous hero, it is because I grew up and matured in the feudal system. If I’m a greedy, money-loving person, it’s because I grew up in the bourgeois order. If I am someone who rides a horse and swings a machete, it is because I live in a tribal order. If I am different, it is because I am in a different order.

The social order, that is, the social relation, the relations of production, the property order, the means of production, the class relations as a whole, and the form and formality that dominate my society which constitutes the whole society; are the factors that make up the ego of the human individual as they decide. So, if I am bad, it is the social environment that creates or chooses evil in me; If I am good, it is the social environment that does not belong to me, which creates the well-being in me and calls me to it.

In sociology, there is no individual, man cannot exist as a choosing “I”. Each individual is as society creates him. So not everyone is “human”; because they can no longer choose for themselves. Human; A person who can say “I am myself”. The human said, “I chose this for these reasons and arguments.” He is a person who can say, who can choose when he cannot. This stage is the stage of existing as a human being.

Mevlana says:

“Should I do this or that,
This is the proof of your choice, my dear.”

However, according to sociology, this indecision has also brought about the society in you.

Some of the social and sociological factors invite you to choose one thing, while some other environmental factors push or force you to choose something else. As you are currently exposed to two groups of social factors, you become indecisive. For example, some people are indecisive about being religious or irreligious; They are hesitant about which one they should choose, whether they prefer religion or non-religion. They say that this hesitation and indecision is not due to the fact that people have the opportunity to choose religion or non-religion, but because some social factors want you to be religious, and some factors that come from the West and enter our social order and are present in you want you to stay away from religion.

So you are a toy in the hands of these factors; If you choose religion, it is understood that religious and social factors prevail in you, but if you choose non-religion, it is understood that external factors prevail over traditional factors. This means that you are the toy of the decision made for you by the social order. After all, you don’t exist, neither do I; so you’re not there, neither am i.

Compiled by: Sociologist Ömer YILDIRIM
Source: Atatürk University Department of Sociology Lecture Notes for Year 1 “Introduction to Philosophy” and Year 3 “History of Contemporary Philosophy” (Ömer YILDIRIM); Open Education Philosophy Textbook; “The Four Dungeons of Man” Ali Shariati