What is Technical Information?

What is Technical Information?

June 26, 2021 Off By Felso

Man makes and uses tools while changing nature. The knowledge required to make tools is called technical knowledge. This type of knowledge takes its name from the Greek word “techne (boat)”, which means “skill”.

The most basic and distinctive feature that distinguishes individuals from other living things is that the individual has a mind. This feature of the individual is not only recognizing and knowing the beings and events he encounters, but also having the power to change them to use them according to his own will. The individual who makes tools and equipment makes himself superior and strong against other living things and beings. In this respect, the individual’s knowledge of making tools and equipment is called technical knowledge.

From this point of view, technical knowledge can be expressed as the knowledge of the subject (individual) to change, transform the object (entities) for their functional purposes and to make tools from it.

Technical knowledge is practical knowledge and has a function that provides benefit and convenience to the individual. When we look at the history of humanity, it has been seen that the technical knowledge of tool making has developed first. In the following periods, it has been seen that the technical knowledge of the machine has improved. Today, automation technical knowledge has begun to be used.

Technical knowledge is the knowledge that people use to produce tools and equipment to facilitate their lives.

Technical knowledge has passed through three different stages in the historical process:

tool technology,
machine technology,
Automation technology.

Technical knowledge is the knowledge of tangible asset area. The technique has developed in three stages, as we have just mentioned, in the historical process. The first of these is the instrument technique. Technical knowledge, especially in the beginning period, is based on everyday knowledge. Tools made in this period increased the effectiveness of manual labor. For example, the sickle facilitated the mowing of the crop, and the wheelbarrow enabled the goods to be transported with less effort.

The second stage is the machine technique stage. At this stage, manual labor left its place to machines. Everything is done by machines, and man is the element that controls the machine. The third stage is the automation technique stage. At this stage, everything has become automated, almost everything is done by machines. The task of man is to control and plan this process. Automation is in the form of an application field of purely scientific knowledge in developed societies today. Therefore, science and technology are inseparable from each other. It is even an important measure of the development level of societies.

Knowledge used in automation technology is an example of technical knowledge.

Today, technical knowledge is based on reason and scientific thought rather than experiences and experiences. Technical creativity is the product of the human mind. In a sense, it is the embodiment of theoretical knowledge. It is among the common values ​​of humanity, that is, it is universal.

Technical knowledge, whose purpose is to change nature in favor of people with the tools it produces and to make people live better; sometimes it can make life difficult. Technique, either in the form of weapon technology aimed at directly destroying human beings, or with the many environmental problems it creates, causes even situations that threaten the future of humanity, let alone paving the way for humans.

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