What is the Importance and Necessity of Thinking?

What is the Importance and Necessity of Thinking?

December 21, 2019 0 By Felso

Think; to examine, compare and compare information to produce conclusions, to generate ideas and to develop mental abilities by using the interests involved; It is an expression used in terms such as search and find with the mind.

Thinking is an ability of man, a necessary condition of life. When we say human, we first  understand the ”thinking being varlık. Pascal thought that all the value of man was in his mind. Because one side of human life is  action  , the other side, that is the basic idea that preceded the action  . Shakespeare’s Hamlet is described to us as the human truth:  “Think before you speak, weigh before eyle.”  Again we encounter the following sentence about thinking in Hamlet:  “Nothing in itself is not good or bad, everything that depends on our thoughts about what . “

Thinking, which is a mental activity, is both the perception of the sensory content and the meaning of the concepts. Thinking; it can be simple-detailed, shallow-deep, analytical-unifying, unilateral-multifaceted, but contentless thinking is not possible. The person who performs the act of thinking has to do it about something; because it is not possible to think without a subject, without a subject.

When you say, düşün Imagine a pink elephant climbing a tree.  Zih The mind sets the images that these words evoke in memory and creates an animation. The idea of ​​whether the elephant is an offspring or an adult, whether its color is pink or whether an elephant can climb a tree may vary depending on the individual’s own life experiences and their imagination. What is achieved through thinking is the animation that people create in their minds by invoking what is in their memory and the work of understanding the situation in the integrity of this animation. These animations occur when the symbols replacing an elephant in memory become a mental system. By making the relations between symbols correctly, meaning is made and thinking contents become information.

Information is defined as a product obtained as a result of thinking in its simplest form. Each information is an explanation. Each explanation involves telling what something is and what it is not. This distinguishing feature of thinking creates human consciousness. Consciousness is the ability of human beings to recognize themselves and those outside. It is self-consciousness that reflects on one’s consciousness and questions what is effective in their thoughts. Learning the subjects of a course is the function of consciousness. Learning how one learns is a transition to self-consciousness. Self-consciousness is the questioning state of mind. In addition to acquiring knowledge, he tries to find out how to obtain information and to criticize all of them.

Imagining, speaking, listening, reading and writing are different forms of thinking. Speaking and listening change the ability of thinking to occur in one person and reveal the social aspect of thinking.

Human thinking; it combines existing knowledge, analyzes them and makes them meaningful. When we look at what people produce through thinking, it is seen that the intensity, shape and method of thinking enable these products to emerge and create different thoughts. Technology, science, art and philosophy are among the best examples of this. Philosophy is considered as the most inclusive way of thinking.

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Read the following text and answer the questions given in the text.


Living for animals is determined by sense, and for humans by sensation or thinking. Opportunity becomes an activity, the main thing is the activity.

It seems that living is literally feeling or thinking. Now life itself is good, pleasant; who sees what he sees, hears, hears and hears; in other cases, if there is something that we feel we are in the same way; therefore, we feel that we are feeling, if we think that we are thinking; if feeling and thinking means that we exist and feeling is se by itself ”a pleasant thing; living is something that should be preferred, and for them, being is good, because it is nice, and for most good people, the righteous person behaves as he or she treats his friend (the Friend is another ‘self’).

Source: Aristotle (Aristotle), Nicomakos (Nicomakos) Ethics


  1. Interpret whether sensation is sufficient to think.
  2. Is every action conscious? Comment by giving examples.

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