What is the Oedipus complex or the Name of the Father?

What is the Oedipus complex or the Name of the Father?

June 27, 2021 Off By Felso

The Oedipus Complex, or the Oedipus Complex, is one of the formulations that Lacan persistently took from Freud’s work and placed in a central place in his theory. This appears as the Oedipus Law in Lacanian theory of psychoanalysis.

The Oedipus complex is a necessary process leading to culture and therefore to being human.

According to Lacan, there can be no culture or civilization without Oedipus. But this is not a natural confusion, but a symbolic one. It explains the transition of the human child to the symbolic system with the introduction of the symbolic structure and the phases that occur in this transition. here too it does not matter whether a real father is mentioned, what is important is the symbolic father function to validate the Oedipus law, the definition of which is indicated as the Name of the Father. Thus, the child who enters the symbolic order begins to acquire his own cultural position by recognizing this symbolic name. The point to be noted here is that the Oedipal Law is essentially a symbolic law.

The transition to the symbolic system through Oedipus is the establishment process of the subject. Thus, the human offspring is cut off from its total reality and becomes human within the realm of symbolic reality. Meanwhile, the Oedipus law leads to a rift between real reality and one’s self, and further between one’s own reality and the idea of ​​reality. Because the subject, who thinks of himself with the symbols of the Cultural Order, is alienated from himself at this moment, his view of himself and his environment is mediated and distanced. The meaning of the symbol is clear here; Here, the symbol is a third element that comes between the immediate dyadic relationship (mother-child).

By using this symbol, the human child acquires the opportunity to separate himself from the other, but this possibility imposes itself as a necessity. So as a Law. It is at this point that the principal law of the symbolic order appears as the Name of the Father. The Father here symbolically represents the authority with the Phallus. The phallus is meant to represent the authority of the symbolic law, not in the sense of genitalia. It is the Name of the Father who has the Phallus, and by recognizing this name, the child enters the world of culture and language and is subject to that world as a subject. It is clear that the process called Fear of Castration is likewise a symbolic process.

According to Lacan, to be included in the symbolic order with the Oedipus complex means the realization of two basic points that were previously stated through Language.

The constitution of the unconscious, and thus the constitution of the individual-subject.

The Oedipus complex, or Law, is resolved by prohibiting the natural relationship of mother and child and replacing the unconscious desire born with this prohibition with new imaginary forms with the Name of the Father. The human offspring thus acquires social forms and becomes an individual-subject. In short, the key to entering the cultural order is with this original suppression.