What is the Place of Philosophy in Human Life? – The Place of Philosophy in Our Lives

What is the Place of Philosophy in Human Life? – The Place of Philosophy in Our Lives

June 26, 2021 Off By Felso

Man is a versatile being. Philosophy is primarily concerned with the structure and qualities of human being. It reveals them. It deals with human being as a knowing, behaving, taking a stand, foreseeing, willing, free, historical, working, educating and educating being, establishing a state, creating art, speaking. It deals with human innate possibilities. He tries to determine how to evaluate them.

Man needs help while realizing all these conditions of existence. For example, “what are our behaviors such as like-dislike, rejection-acceptance, truth-lie, belief-disbelief based on?”, “Are we free when we act?”, “Where and how are we free if we are free?”, “How does a happy life happen?” , “Is goodness innate?”, “Are there any unchanging moral principles?”, “What is good?”, “Is lying always bad?” People who ask such questions want to examine life in all its aspects.

Philosophy relieves people’s curiosity and bewilderment with the different answers it brings to these questions. It helps to determine an opinion in the face of events. However, while doing this, philosophy does not put pressure on people. For example, “Is it always bad to lie?” While the question is being scrutinized, it may seem like a normal behavior to a soldier on the battlefield to be told that he did not die even though he was informed about his mother’s death. However, some thinkers reject such behavior as immoral. What one has to do is to examine and evaluate the various evidences and thoughts behind these different thoughts brought by philosophy, so that one can make conscious decisions in life.

To philosophize is to turn to people, to deal with people and to examine them. Man is a part of the world and the universe. He “fights himself with his own habits and beliefs” as he moves from a troubled past to a hopeful future. It questions the meaning of life. However, what determines the meaning of life is the view and stance that a person displays towards it. If a person can face them, then he has the opportunity to make life meaningful.

For this, the person needs to know himself, to realize that he is a part of the whole, to realize what he can do and what he does by using his own skills. It will also require a person to question life based on himself, to try to learn the necessary information to sustain his life, and to be interested in philosophy. This is the point at which learning and the pleasure of learning become permanent. “I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” Said Socrates. This is where he is. In this sense, philosophy is an activity that explains the meaning of life and presents it to people and gives the opportunity to add quality of life to life.

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