What is the Subject of Aesthetics?

What is the Subject of Aesthetics?

June 29, 2021 Off By Felso

The word “aesthetics” is originally connected to the Greek words “aisthesis”/”aisthanesthai”. In this word content; It contains meanings such as perception, emotion, sensation and perceiving. In this context, it can be said that aesthetics is the science of the information provided by emotionality.

The person who systematizes aesthetics, puts it in a certain order and makes it a discipline is a German thinker named Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten .

According to the German thinker, logic; It is a science that examines the accuracy of thought and mental information. Aesthetics will also examine the accuracy of information related to senses and emotions. In other words, aesthetics can be defined as “the twin brother of logic” or “the logic of information based on the senses”.

Aesthetics does not examine the entire width of the sensory area, but the particularly “beautiful” part of this area.

Accordingly, some German thinkers such as Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel  and  Johann Gottfried Herder  suggested that the concepts of “science of beauty” or “philosophy of beauty” be used instead of the word “aesthetics”.

Later, a group of thinkers, including important names such as Immanuel Kant and Ludwig Wittgenstein, opposed the limitation of the basic value of aesthetics as only beauty; They argued that the sublime, tragic, funny, elegant, interesting, childlike, noble, attractive and even ugly are among the values ​​that aesthetics can examine.