What Is The Universe, What Does It Mean?

What Is The Universe, What Does It Mean?

July 1, 2021 Off By Felso

All existing. The universe is the infinite unity of nature, including our world. The cosmos, the infinite unity of nature outside our world.

1. Regularity (anti-disorder)

The Greek word cosmos means order. According to the ancient ideas of the birth of the universe, there was khaos, meaning disorder, stretching void. Then this disorder was arranged. According to Anaxagoras, it is the conscious principle nous, which is outside of this disorder, which regulates it. The first thinkers to use this idea of ​​order in the sense of the universe are the Pythagoreans.

2. The holistic unity of Being

This universal unity manifests itself even in the smallest particle of nature. As Claude Bernard put it, the life of the smallest being is a part of the total life in the universe. The physicist Einstein scientifically proved this universal unity and correlation with his theory of special and general relativity.

In classical philosophy, the universe was divided into two as intelligible universe and intelligible universe in terms of whether it could be perceived by human senses. In this distinction, it was stated that what could not be perceived by the senses could be perceived by reason. Pascal said that “the universe swallows me like a point, and I swallow it with my mind as a point” (Pascal, Pensées, 6). Later, the universe was divided into three in terms of mathematical measures:

universe of human proportions
infinite little universe
infinite universe

Man has entered the field of infinities at both ends, surpassing his own measure with the tools he created and the mathematical achievements that evaluate the results of these tools. Einstein’s unified field theory aimed to realize the single, unified law of the universe. Moreover, this aim had already begun in the 1610s, when Galileo Galilei, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Padua, turned his telescope to the Client star. When Galileo turned his telescope to the moon, it was a world similar to our world in accordance with the intellectual prediction of Giordano Bruno, and when he turned it to the sun, in accordance with the intellectual predictions of the Ancient Greek mathematicians (Pythagoras, Filolaos, Aristarchus) he said that our world stood around the sun. He had seen her return.

Today, research instruments that can study distances of three billion years (more than 10 billion years N.) are increasingly being thrust into the infinity of the universe. However, as the universe is infinite, the information process is also infinite. Mankind will be infinitely open to new knowledge. Although the term cosmos is generally used in the same sense as the term universe, the universe and the infinite unity of nature, including our world, are expressed.