What is Value, What Does It Mean?

What is Value, What Does It Mean?

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The concept of value comes from the Latin word “valere”, which means to be valuable, to be strong. The concept of value, which means value, baha, ore, and sidk in Ottoman Turkish, is etymologically derived from the root of “worth”, which expresses the expression “to be” in Turkish.

In this sense, value is the value given to something. Value in the dictionary of Turkish Language Association; abstract measure to determine the importance of something, the value that something is worth, value; It is defined as a high or beneficial quality that an entity is considered to have in terms of psychological, social, moral or beauty.

From a philosophical point of view, value; It is defined as the thing that appears in the connection of the person with the object as a wanting, needing being. In a dictionary where education terms are discussed, the definition of value is; It is made as a high or useful quality thought to have spiritual, social, moral, or beauty.

Value can be defined as a permanent judgment and standard that an individual internalizes as a result of his interaction with his environment and directs his actions. In a social sense, values ​​are the generalized principles of behavior accepted by the society as the best, most correct and most beneficial. In another definition, value is what is accepted by the majority of its members as true and necessary in order to ensure and maintain the existence, unity, functioning and continuation of a group or society; They are generalized general moral principles and beliefs that reflect their common feelings, thoughts and interests.

In the formation of the judgments, standards and principles emphasized in these definitions, the nature of the result that emerges depending on the actions and actions shaped directly by the individual’s involvement and his own logical reasoning comes to mind. In values, the value and meaning emphasis that the subject attributes to the thing and phenomenon comes to the fore. Values ​​suggest what and what is important to individuals. For example; security, independence, wisdom, success, kindness, etc. as. Each individual has many values ​​that vary in importance. What is very important to one individual may be unimportant to others.

There are various values ​​such as biological (health, strength), economic (property), aesthetic (beauty), moral (virtue), religious (sacred). Generally, three basic values ​​are accepted as right, good and beautiful. The concept of value (what should be) is separated from truth (what has been). Value refers to the judgment made about facts and objects according to needs and ideals. Belief is at the forefront of value. The proposition “I believe that Ahmet does not lie” is very different from the proposition “Ahmet did not lie”. In the first, it is completely faith dominated.

Values ​​must be acceptable, repeatable, or not pervasive and permanent. Values ​​will not be permanent if they are not based on a source beyond time and space. Values ​​are divided into types as positive-negative, relative-absolute, subjective-objective. In terms of content (content), it also diversifies into object values ​​(pleasant, useful, useful), logically (correct), morally (good), artistic (beautiful).

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