What is Westernism? (Internalism)

What is Westernism? (Internalism)

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In Islam, the belief that the verses of the Qur’an have deeper real meanings than their known meanings is called esotericism. Batinilik is the movement that interprets the verses accordingly. The person who adopts the idea of ​​esotericism is also called Batini.

In Shiite belief, it is believed that only innocent imams who can establish a relationship with Allah can know the deep meanings of the verses of the Qur’an.

The Islamic content, which is at the same level with the Western content, is called Bâtinîlik. In these teachings, the reason that the divine information and some of the information that seems inconvenient to be announced to everyone can be understood by those who have reached a certain level of culture, necessitated secrecy.

Aristotle taught his distinguished students in the morning and the public in the evening, and what he taught was separate information. In this sense, Aristotle’s teaching is also considered esoteric.

Blindness connects both participation in teaching and learning process to some forms, ceremonies and symbols. It requires that the facts to be taught are given little by little and with practice. Therefore, he has to establish various grades and organize various examinations in order to pass from one to the other.

The great Turkish mystic Sheikh Bedrettin (1337-1420) also says the following on this subject: “Every knowledge is truth at its own stage. If the truth is told to the public at the very beginning, they either go astray (p. 140), or they blame the one who tells the truth. The people and the truth (the truth). ), they can be accustomed to each other in an average way and with separate consideration, but probably the people should be accustomed to truth and truth.

What is Westernism?

Being hidden means knowing the inside of something. Every visible has an inner, that is, an inner face. Therefore, every explicit expression has an explanation.

Appearance is only the shell of truth. Therefore, the hidden truths of the scriptures can only be revealed by those who comprehend it and understand those symbols.

Batinidism is a movement that has effects in many cultures, in the religious and political field.

The origin of batinism can be found in ancient religions and cultures such as Magusism and Sabiism. According to contemporary studies, they are gnostic ideas such as Neoplatonism and NeoPythagoreanism.

The main thing in esoteric interpretation is to adopt an explanation method according to the number of letters and the value of the number. Thus, the hidden meanings of the texts are interpreted. For this reason, an approach based on the interpretation of the mind and sense data, which is left behind compared to the Batinis, is fundamental.

However, this way of thinking has also been the subject of serious criticism. Particularly, the fact that sense and mind data are in brackets and therefore create an area open to questioning constitutes the criticized aspect of Batinism. When openness and publicity are left behind in the field of thought and confidentiality is taken as a basis, the processes of understanding and making sense of these ideas become open to abuse.

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Prepared by: Sociologist Ömer Yıldırım