What is Wrestling (Dynamicism) and What Does It Mean?

What is Wrestling (Dynamicism) and What Does It Mean?

July 1, 2021 Off By Felso

Wrestling or dynamicalism is the general name of the teachings that claim that matter is spontaneously dynamic and developmental. It is the counter idea of ​​the phrase mechanics (See: What is Mechanism?). Wrestling or dynamicalism has also been made synonymous with vitalism.

As opposed to mechanicalism, which regards objects as immobile and movable only with an externally given motion, resurrection or dynamism asserts the existence of an essential power in objects.

In Ancient Greek philosophy, Heraclitus, Aristotle, and Stoics are the rhetoric. In metaphysics, Leibniz, Kant, Lotze, Herbart, Main de Biran, Renouvier are considered to be the process.


In the scientific sense, reutarism was realized in dialectical materialism. According to the materialist dialectical philosophy, motion is the form of existence of matter. Inert matter has never existed anywhere. Every material body, by its very nature, is dynamic and changeable. The principle that drives the movement is one of the oppositions of every material body, both conflicting and inseparable.

Motion, like matter itself, appears in infinite forms. Each new study reveals a new form of motion. For example, one of the most recent forms of motion is the motion of particles around the atomic nucleus. The various forms of motion are interdependent and transform into each other. For example, chemical motion forms transformed into biological motion forms and formed life with various motional transformations that continued until human. Simple motion forms are included in higher motion forms. But a higher motion cannot be reduced to a lower form of motion. In this respect, dialectical materialism has surpassed the old understanding of materialism and mechanical materialism, which claims that all natural and social life can be reduced to mechanical displacements of matter particles in space.

In dialectical materialism, motion is the general form of constant and endless change… The fact that the forms of motion of matter transform into each other has been confirmed especially by the law of conservation of power published in 1869 by the physicist H. Helmholtz. This law proved that heat is generated at the rate of expended power and power is regenerated at that rate of heat. Therefore, just as matter can neither be regenerated nor lost, motion is neither reproducible nor loseable, in a word, it is hidden as long as it exists (N.). Blaise Pascal, for example, says that it is God who strikes first.

According to relativity, there is no one who strikes first, because matter itself is dynamic. However, metaphysical teachings also adopt relativity as a reverse terminology. Metaphysical relativism understands God from the expression of being, and being itself is active and powerful.