Who is Agrippa?

Who is Agrippa?

December 13, 2020 Off By Felso

He is a skeptical Greek philosopher who is estimated to have lived in the 1st or 2nd century AD.

He reduced the number of ten reasons Ainesidemos put forward to show that we were right to doubt, to five. The five pieces of evidence that summarize the method of the Greek skeptics in general are:

1.  Ideas collide, both in everyday life and in philosophers’ discussions.

2.  Nothing can explain itself, because every explanation is a second proposition that needs to be explained separately, and it goes like this forever.

3.  Both perception and judgment are relative in two senses: Both differ according to the subject, and both are affected by other perceptions that coexist with them.

4.  Dogmatic philosophers make assumptions they cannot prove because they avoid going back infinitely in the set of propositions.

5.  Philosophers fall into a double trap as they try to prove the senses with the mind, and the mind with the senses. Skeptical of both the testimony of the senses and the possibility of human understanding, Agrippa concludes that acquiring knowledge is not a starting point. Those before him would say that we do not know the truth; Agrippa tried to prove that we cannot know.