Who is Alfred Korzybski?

Who is Alfred Korzybski?

December 13, 2020 Off By Felso

Considered the founder of general semantics, a Polish-born American scientist and thinker.

He has created a philosophy of linguistics that aims to improve the ability of human beings to pass on their thoughts from generation to generation by examining and purifying the ways of using language and reacting to language.

During World War I, he served in the intelligence division of the Russian General Staff. He was sent on a military mission to the USA and Canada in 1915. When the October Revolution (1917) took place, he remained in the United States and served on behalf of France and Poland; later became a US citizen.

The general semantics theory put forward by Korzybski aimed to develop the individual’s habit of reacting in his / her relations with the environment and other individuals. Making use of disciplines such as relativity theory, quantum mechanics, and mathematical logic, Korzybski and his followers tried to establish a non-Aristotelian scientific basis in order to clearly understand the differences between symbols (words) and reality (referents) and how words affect (direct) and limit human thinking. .

General semantics particularly emphasizes applied training; For example, he suggests indexing methods such as man 1, man 37, or Roosevelt 1930, Roosevelt 1940, in order to establish better judgment habits. This theory later S.I. It was developed by Hayekawa, Wendell Johnson and others.