Who is André Gorz?

Who is André Gorz?

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(b. February 1923, Vienna, Austria – d. 22 September 2007, Vosnan, Aube, France)

French philosopher and journalist. His real name is Gerhard Hirsch.

It is also known as Michel Bosquet, which is the nickname he uses in his writings. French philosopher born in Vienna. Gorz, who is also a journalist, is the founder of Le Nouvel Observateur, a weekly newspaper in 1964. After World War II, Jean-Paul combined Sartre’s existentialism with Marxism and became an advocate. He became interested in political ecology after the events of May 1968. It took part in the new left movement in the 1960s and 1970s.

He was born in Vienna in 1923, to a Jewish father and a Catholic mother. Although his family did not have strong religious and national identity feelings; The anti-Semitism of the period caused his father to become Catholic in 1930. When World War II broke out, his mother sent him to his catholic institute to protect him from German militarism. He graduated from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Lausanne Federal Technical School) in 1945 and graduated as a chemical engineer.

He met Jean-Paul Sartre in 1946 and was deeply influenced by the philosophies of existentialism and phenomenology. During his time as a journalist, he was very close to Jean-Paul Sartre and combined existentialism and Marxism.

The Last Letter to Dorine, the lover, his life partner, the meaning of his life, of the French writer Andre Gorz, is one of the most meaningful efforts made to reconstruct the story of a lover. Andre Gorz’s “Last Letter” is like the text of a contract that lasted for life. What is told is a sad story of fifty-eight years of love with its sorrows and troubles. Gorz and Dorine wrote together, lived together, and existed together. Husband and wife make an incredible decision during Dorine’s prolonged illness. If someone dies, the other will join the last journey in the same way so that they never leave. And so the obligation to live in the absence of the other will not be tolerated. Like everything else, in an age where the concept of love has been emptied and turned into an object of consumption, it appears before us as a cry of hope, even a rebellion, Gorz’s “Last Letter”. A scream that penetrates people’s hearts.

The Last Letter, a sad love story, begins with the following lines: “You will soon be eighty-two years old. Your height has shrunk by six inches, you are at most forty-five kilos and you are still beautiful, attractive, desirable. We’ve been living together for fifty-eight years and I love you more than ever. ”

Gorz carried an overwhelming emptiness with his burning words in the middle of his chest. The “Last Letter” is a document showing that the devotion to his lover is a turning point that allows him to be filled with the desire to live. What fascinated Gorz was, it took him many years to understand. Gorz explains it like this:

“We were created to understand each other.”

Gorz had struggled for a lifetime with the feeling that he had not lived his life, that he had always looked at him from a distance, that he had only developed one side, and that he was poor as a human being. This showed that he could not get enough of his lover. According to Georges Bataille’s formula, Gorz did not want to “postpone life for later”. He needed Dorine’s presence, as in the early days. “Sometimes at night, I see the silhouette of a man walking behind a hearse on an empty road and through a desolate landscape. That man is me. ” Well, if given a second chance, Gorz and Dorine would have wanted to spend that life together. The “Last Letter” released from the detail publications tells a sad love story. Let’s specify immediately; When Dorine dies, in September 2007, Gorz commits suicide the same day.

There are many more words that can be said for the “Last Letter”. For many years, Gorz has been involved in an ex-nationalist thought in the team formed around Jean Paul Sartre in Les Temps Modernes magazine. Life has dragged him from the pain of existence to an esoteric (Batin) thought. As I scribble these lines on my notebook, a cotton-like snow falls on Edirne. Gorz’s words, “You were beautiful as a dream …” rang in my ears as I watched the flaky snow. Hoping to have a lover as beautiful as a dream …