Who is Aristoxenus?

Who is Aristoxenus?

December 2, 2020 Off By Felso

Greek traveler, philosopher and musician.

Aristoxenos, born in Tarentum, was Aristotle’s disciple. He wrote 453 works according to Suidas lexicon; The most important of these is the “Lives of Famous People”, which is about philosophers and writers.

Aristoxenos wrote the memoirs about Socrates of his father Spintharos, a famous musician. Today we have only one piece from the review called the Harmonic Stoikheion (Elements of Harmony) and Rythmika Stoikheia (Elements of Rhythm), known as the oldest music review book.

Aristoxenos would have wanted a great place in his teaching to experiment with emotion. This view was welcomed as a reaction to Pythagoras’. Later, the terms hearsay harmonists and calculators were used to distinguish between Aristoxenos and Pythagoras’ disciples.