Who is Arthur Coleman Danto?

Who is Arthur Coleman Danto?

December 13, 2020 Off By Felso

Arthur Coleman Danto (1924) is an American art critic, professor, and philosopher. He is one of the important names of today’s aesthetic theory.

Arthur C. Danto is an emeritus professor of philosophy at Columbia University in New York. Twice he has chaired organizations such as the Guggenheim and the American Philosophical Association and the American Aesthetic Association, which have been awarded many awards and scholarships, including ACLS and Fulbright. He received the National Book Critics Circle award in criticism for his work “Encounters and Reflections: Art in the Historical Present”.

Danto is especially known for his article “The End of Art”, which is a contemporary version of Hegel’s thesis on the end of art, and later developed “After the End of Art”.

Danto’s thesis is not that art is no longer made or as well done as before, but that an era in the history of Western art has ended and a completely different era has begun. According to this view, ideology has followed the representation in art history before, and now a post-historical period has entered where everything is legitimate. The philosophical or style restrictions that should be followed in art production have been lifted, and the art history narrative has come to an end.

Areas of interest: Thought, Emotion, Philosophy of Art, Representation theory, Philosophical Psychology, Hegelian Aesthetics, and the philosophers Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Arthur Schopenhauer.