Who is Bonstetten?

Who is Bonstetten?

December 14, 2020 Off By Felso

Born in Berne on September 3, 1745 and died in Geneva on February 3, 1832, he belonged to one of the old and noble families of the Swiss philosopher Berene and philosopher.

He started his education here first and then went to Yverden, Geneva and Lausanne, Voltaire and Ch. He met a number of other great people besides Bonnet and Layde completed his studies at Cambridge universities. He gained a literary reputation after his travels to England, Italy, Holland and France.

He met the poet Thomas Gray, Madame Necker and the windfall La Rochefoucauld and took part in the literary movements of the period and XVIII. It is involved in the philosophical systems of the century. He aimed to increase his experience in all his travels rather than his knowledge.

When Bonstetten returned to Switzerland, Berne became a member of the Royal Assembly; then he was appointed to the governorship of Sarnen. While Nyon was governor, he met poet Matthison and historian Jean de Muller, and fled to Italy and Copenhagen due to the turmoil that started in his country. He stayed here for three years, and when things calmed down, he returned to Geneva and lived there until his death.

Bonstetten fell under the influence of Voltaire. Since he was far from all kinds of religious records and had a knack for observing events, he made such conclusions from his own experiments that although they are not a system, they contain noble, generous, and in some ways even an original view of morality.

Some of his works contain a profound knowledge of people, a rare delicacy of observation, new views, pure and generous feelings. In his works, his two personalities are striking: his morality and his philosophy.