Who is Carl Rogers?

Who is Carl Rogers?

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Carl Rogers KimCarl Rogers is an American psychologist who is among the founders of the humanism movement in psychology.

Rogers, who is widely known in Turkey and in the world, is the founder of individual-centered therapy and one of the leaders of humanistic psychology.

Unlike psychoanalysts such as Carl Rogers Sigmund Freud he saw no harm in sharing his own life and even believed in the necessity of it. This is in line with the values ​​he advocates. Psychotherapy is a human-to-human touch for him and it is not possible for one party to hide himself in this relationship.

Carl Rogers was born as the fourth child of a family of six children. He had two older brothers, sisters, and two younger brothers. His father, Walter A. Rogers, was a civil engineer and his mother, Julia M. Cushing, was a devout Protestant. He described the Rogers family as a highly religious Protestant family that adhered to moral values ​​and believed in the virtue of hard work.

It has been said that Carl was a shy boy who cried easily and was seen as a prank by his older brothers. His mother and older siblings, with whom he had a close relationship, taught him to read when he was four years old. In the years when he first learned to read, he especially read stories from the Bible.

Carl Rogers often talks about how controlling his family is in the details of his life. When he was a child, he realized that they were very different from other families. There is no room for alcoholic beverages, playing cards, theater visits, or any significant social life in their home. The virtue of work was emphasized by adhering to the Protestant traditions. They were extremely suspicious of other families and people who smoke, dance, go to the movies, play cards. Rogers’ parents felt that it was necessary to be tolerant of other families. But they also tried to stay as far away as possible.

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Prepared by: Sociologist Ömer YILDIRIM
Source: Omer YILDIRIM’s Personal Lecture Notes. Atatürk University Sociology Department 1st Year “Introduction to Philosophy” and 2nd, 3rd, 4th Grade “History of Philosophy” Lecture Notes (Ömer YILDIRIM); Is it an Open Education Philosophy Textbook?