Who is Carl Schmitt?

Who is Carl Schmitt?

June 25, 2021 Off By Felso

Carl Schmitt Kim is a German jurist, Catholic philosopher, political theorist and professor of law.

Schmitt, whose father was a small businessman, was the son of a German Roman Catholic family from Plettenberg, Westphalia. He studied law in Berlin, Munich, and Strasbourg, and after graduating in 1915, he took state examinations. In 1916 he volunteered to enter the army. In the same year, he won the Habilitation in Strasbourg. He has taught at various business schools and universities such as Munich, Greifswald, Bonn, Berlin and Cologne.

II from 1933. He became a professor at the University of Berlin in a position he held until the end of World War II. Schmitt joined the NSDAP on May 1, 1933; he was quickly appointed by Hermann Göring to become president of the “Preußischer Staatsrat” (Prussian State Counselor) and the “Vereinigung nationalsozialistischer Juristen” in November (the “National-Socialist Association of Jurists”).

In June 1934, Schmitt became editor-in-chief for his own published newspaper “Deutsche Juristen-Zeitung” (“The Journal of German Lawyers”). He criticized the racist theories of the Nazis. Schmitt resigned from his position as “Reichsfachgruppenleiter” (Reich Professional Group Leader).

At the end of the war, Schmitt was captured by American forces in 1945; After spending more than a year in a concentration camp, he was released in 1946 and returned to his home in Plettenberg.

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