Who is Carlo Michelstaedter?

Who is Carlo Michelstaedter?

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Carlo MichelstaCarlo Michelstaedter (3 June 1887 – 17 October 1910) was an Italian writer and philosopher.

Carlo Michelstaedter was born in Gorizia in the Friuli region. Carlo was the youngest of four children in a wealthy Italian-Jewish family. Influenced by his father, the director of an insurance agency and president of the Gorizia library association, Carlo had a penchant for teaching literature; Thanks to his mother named Emma Luzzatto, he developed a love of family and country.

Fighting and introverted as a child, Carlo grew into a bright, athletic, intelligent young man during his final years of high school in Gorizia. After moving to Florence, which he loved so much for his artistic and linguistic prowess, Michelstaedter began learning Greek and Latin. Choosing to study persuasion and rhetoric in ancient philosophy as his diploma study, Michelstaedter tackled this topic in a different and creative way. In 1909 Michelstaedter returned to Gorizia to deal with his diploma thesis.

In the autumn of 1910, on October 17, he finished his work ‘Persuasion and Rhetoric’ while finishing the appendices to the treatise. That evening, Michelstaedter locked himself in his room and committed suicide with a borrowed pistol. After his death, friends and relatives compiled and published his works, which are now in Gorizia’s National Library.

It is very difficult to trace the development of Michelstaedter’s philosophical vision: because of Michelstaedter’s untimely death, the sources of his philosophy could not be determined and his philosophical system was difficult to classify. In general, we can say that, according to Michelstaedter, ordinary life is the absence of real life. Ordinary life becomes extremely narrow and is deceived by the deceitful god of pleasure, promising false pleasure and gains.

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