Who is Carlos Juan Finlay?

Who is Carlos Juan Finlay?

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Carlos Juan Finl Carlos Juan Finlay, the great Cuban doctor who lived between 3 December 1833 and 20 August 1915, was the person who discovered that yellow fever was transmitted to humans from mosquitoes. Although he published the results of the experiments on his invention in 1886, his findings were ignored for 20 years.

Carlos Juan Finlay, who graduated from Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia in 1855, returned to Cuba, where he practiced medicine in Matanzas and Havana.

In his thesis, which he submitted to the Academy of Sciences in Havana in 1865, Dr. Finlay stated that yellow fever can be transmitted to humans by mosquitoes, and that a mosquito that has bitten a sick person can spread the disease through the bite of a healthy person.

He studied yellow fever in North America by the Cuban government in 1879.

Dr. Finlay’s 19-year-old theory

During the American occupation of Cuba in the 1900s, the head of the medical commission, Dr. Walter Reed went to Havana to study the disease. In the beginning, Dr. The researchers, who thought Finlay’s research was absurd, turned to Dr. He turned to Finlay’s theories.

Dr. Reed’s report revealed that yellow fever could spread in just 3 days, and Dr. The truth of Finlay’s theories has come to light.

However, Dr. From the Reed reports, Dr. He never mentioned Finlay. Dr. Only 39 years after Finlay died, the International Congress of the History of Medicine gave it the recognition it deserved.

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