Who is Celal Yaliniz (Bearded Celal)?

Who is Celal Yaliniz (Bearded Celal)?

June 25, 2021 Off By Felso

Celal Yaliniz (SaCelal Yaliniz (Sakalli Celal) (died 6 June 1962) is a thinker and philosopher.

Known as Bearded Celal; He did not leave a written work, but he left behind people, each of whom is a work. Among his close friends are Yusuf Ziya Ortaç, Ahmet Haşim, Nazım Hikmet, whom he also calls “my student”, Ordinaryus Mathematics Professor Ali Yar, Haldun Taner and Ali Sami Yen; Among those around him are various names such as Nurullah Ataç, Hıfzı Veldet Velidedeoğlu, Kazım Taşkent, and many poets and writers such as Melih Cevdet Anday and Orhan Veli.

Many of the sayings that we use without knowing the origin of our language today are also his. A few examples of Bearded Jalal sayings:

“It’s sad when a girl thinks a shaved man is beautiful…”
“This much ignorance is only possible with education.”
“In this country, those who are concerned are ignorant, and those who are knowledgeable are irrelevant.”
“Intelligent people in Turkey think that they are Westernized by running in the West on the deck of a ship sailing towards the East.”
“During the search of his house, when the police asked about the portrait of Karl Marx on the wall, he replied, “My late father.”
“We did not bring the constitutional monarchy, we did not establish the republic. How about a little seriousness?”

The only source that can be found from a to z is the information, documents and testimonies that have survived from Sakallı Celal; The documentary “Bearded Celal – The Life Story of an Unknown Celebrity” written by journalist – writer Orhan Karaveli – and adorned with wonderful photographs – is a valuable 230-page book.(Pergamon, 1st ed. May 2004, 4th ed. June 2004)

He remained faithful to the principle expressed in the line “You will go alone on a path you think you deserve” by Tevfik Fikret, who is a student and admirer from Galatasaray Sultanisi, all his life, at all costs. Kallı Celal) Who is he?