Who is Daniel Schleiermacher?

Who is Daniel Schleiermacher?

June 25, 2021 Off By Felso

Daniel Schleierm is a German idealist thinker.

The most important problem for Schleiermacher, whose religion was at the center of his thinking, was to reach an understanding of reality that would satisfy the heart as well as the mind. He created an eclectic system by taking advantage of the views of Kant, Fichte, Schelling and Spinoza. Schleiermacher rejects Fichte’s idealism and affirms the existence of the real world, as he derives all reality from me.

According to him, we have to reach a transcendent basis of thought and being; The source of everything that exists, according to him, is found in a principle which is the absolute unity of all, in which all differences and oppositions are dissolved. According to him, we can know not only phenomena, but also things themselves. According to Schleiermacher, we can capture the ideal in religious feeling or intuition. The absolute unity or identity of thought and being is experienced directly and unmediated in consciousness. Religion is the awareness that everything that is finite is infinite and owes its existence to the infinite, that everything that is temporal is eternal and is based on the eternal. God is a being outside of time and space. We cannot attribute personality to God according to him, for this makes him a finite being. We cannot ascribe thought and will to Him, because they contradict each other. For all thinking and will is necessarily finite. God is the eternal, universal creative force, the source of life. According to him, religion does not consist of some theoretical dogmas, nor does it consist of worship, because God cannot be known.

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