Who is Desiderius Erasmus?

Who is Desiderius Erasmus?

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Desiderius ErasDesiderius Desiderius Erasmus, 1469-1536, was an important master of the Northern European Renaissance and a scholar of classical literature, humanist scholar and theologian.

Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam, known today as one of the creators and greatest representatives of the humanism movement that emerged with the Renaissance, was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 1465. After a period of education that meets today’s secondary education, he entered the Augustinian order and became a priest. But he was never able to function as a priest in the traditional sense; Because he wanted to devote himself more to science, he received permission from the religious authorities to “not wear a robe”. He attended the University of Paris. When he went to England in 1499, he met intellectuals such as John Colet and Thomas More (Morus), and with these friendships, his horizons expanded.

Opposing the hegemony established by the Papacy on ideas, he sought the true spirit of Christianity in the simplicity of antiquity. He considered the spread of fine arts and sciences, the unification of Europe under a common understanding of art and science as the first condition of humanism. He contributed greatly to the spread of ancient thought in Europe with his original works and translations. When Martin Luther’s reforms began, although he agreed with the renewal of the church, he was strongly opposed to the turmoil and disintegration of the Christian world.

When he died in Basel in 1536, he had gained such a respected place in the intellectual life of Europe that he was a person whom even the popes came to visit.

Desiderius Erasmus, who spoke and wrote Latin all his life, had his last words before he died in his native language: “Lieve God”

In Praise of Folly (original title: Morias enkomion seu laus stultitiae) is the only work of Desiderius Erasmus that has preserved its vitality, validity, and attractiveness until today. Desiderius Erasmus, who drafted this little book during his trip from Italy to England in the summer of 1509, did the writing in England shortly after arriving at the home of his friend Thomas More; He dedicated the book to Thomas More. Desiderius Erasmus, who completed his work in a short time like a few days, did not benefit from any books in the meantime.

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