Who is Emile Littre?

Who is Emile Littre?

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Emile Littre Kim Émile Littré, or Paul-Émile Littré, was a French philosopher, linguist, medical doctor, and politician who lived from February 1, 1801 to June 2, 1881. Émile Littré is famous for applying positivism to linguistics.

Paul-Émile Littré has made a name for himself with his work in the field of language. Littré, who studied English, German, Greek, Latin and Sanskrit in addition to his medical education, also wrote the French language dictionary and the history of the French language, which is considered a masterpiece in its field.

Littré’s dictionary work, which began in 1844, is of incomparable value with its precise definitions and historical insight into the development of the French language. The dictionary gives an effective interpretation of the usage of each word, based on the various meanings each word has had in the past.

Emile Littre

Émile Littré prepared a 10-volume translation of Hippocrates’ writings, completed in 1862. When the first volume came out (1839), Littré became acquainted with Comte’s writings and soon became an ardent student of Comte. Later, he became one of Auguste Comte’s close friends and made an effort to explain and publicize Comte’s philosophy, and for this purpose, he published many works on positivism. Even after Comte lost his job at the École Polytechnique in Paris (1842), Littré became one of his main financial supporters.

Émile Littré, after 1852, moved away from Comte’s increasingly mystical views; published points of disagreement with him, both in “Paroles de Philosophie Positive” (1859) and in another work (1863). In these works, he analyzed the origin of Comte’s ideas and his philosophical system and effects.

Émile Littré was one of the democrats who took part in the 1830 revolt against King Charles X. Due to this political stance and academic reputation, he was elected to the “Académie Française” in 1971 and was accepted as a lifetime senator in 1875.

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