Who is Eratosthenes?

Who is Eratosthenes?

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Eratosthenes KiEratosthenes BC 276 BC to BC Greek geographer and philosopher thought to have lived between 194 BC. Eratosthene is also known as a mathematician and astronomer. Eratosthenes laid the foundations of the science of geography as the first person to use the term “geography”.

B.C. Born in Libya in the 3rd century, Eratosthenes later went to Athens for education. Eratosthenes, who is considered the founder of geography, claims that the world is spherical and is also known as the person who calculates the circumference of the world with the help of a kind of right angle. The value he found in this calculation (24,000 miles) is very close to the true value (24,800 miles). He also measured the distance from the Sun to the Earth at 92 million miles, which is very close to the actual distance of 93 million miles.

Erastosthenes also invented the latitude-longitude system and calculated the axial tilt with near-realistic accuracy. He was also interested in climatology and cartography and created a world map according to the latitude-longitude system. He is also the founder of the Alexandria School of Geography.

Eratosthenes’ World Map

Eratosthenes was born in the city of Cyrene in what is now Libya. Although the exact date is not known, as we mentioned at the beginning of our article, BC. 276 BC to BC It is estimated that he was born between 273 BC.

In Athens, where he went for higher education, he studied grammar from Lysanias of Cyrene, Stoic philosophy from Ariston from Chios, and Platonic philosophy from Arkesilaos. It is understood that he had a great influence on Aristotle, who he thought was doing ethical and unnecessary scientific studies at first. The fact that he looked at philosophy with a Platonist approach throughout his life proves this.

It is said that Eratosthenes was a student of the famous scholar Callimachus of Cyre, but this information is not very reliable. The cynicist philosopher Bion von Borysthenes and Arkesilaos’ student Apelles von Chios are other philosophers he was influenced by. The claim of a student-teacher relationship with Zenon of Cyprus is problematic chronologically.