Who is Eugen Dühring?

Who is Eugen Dühring?

June 25, 2021 Off By Felso

Eugen Dühring KAL is a German philosopher and economist.

He taught philosophy and economic policy at the University of Berlin for a while. Soon his eyes were blind; He lived as a writer until his death, first in Berlin and later in Nowawes.

This most prominent representative of a bourgeois socialism, who sees the basis of the social order in the “natural efforts of the individual soul”, taught the theory of the increasing share of the workers in the social product and expected the future emancipation from the reconciliation of the antagonisms between the classes; He saw himself as the corrector and healer of humanity. He gave lectures on a wide variety of topics.

He was soon out of his seat as a result of his public attacks against the Berlin professors. Between 1870 and 1880 Social-Democracy found many adherents. Dühring, in many of his works, developed a special socio-philosophical system, which was created with the aid of many absolute “last judgment facts” that he thought he had discovered. He was anti-Christian and an ardent anti-Semite.

Involuntarily, indirectly, he has done a great service to scientific communism; His passionate attacks on Marx and Lassalle, and the “philosophy of truth” marked by the madness of greatness, led to the answer in Engels’ famous satire: “Mr. Eugen Dühring Turns Science Upside Down” (Anti-Dühring), a new book soon became the philosophical guide of the revolutionary worker generation. In this work, Engels ruthlessly destroyed Dühring’s system of platitudes and for the first time gave a masterful and clear account of dialectical materialism.

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