Who is Euhemeros (Euhemerus)?

Who is Euhemeros (Euhemerus)?

June 25, 2021 Off By Felso

Euhemeros (Euh, one of the 3rd century philosophers. Although his place of birth is uncertain, it is estimated to be Messina.

According to his theory, called euhemerism, the gods were derived from important people in history and their actions.

In a travel novel (Sacred Scripture), he claimed that he had visited an island in the Indian Ocean, where he saw a golden pillar on which the works of the gods Ouranos Cronos and Zeus were inscribed, and that the gods were once human. The theory (Euhemerism) that the gods are deified heroes later became widespread, and many writers used it to illustrate the true nature of the Ancient Greek Gods. The theory that the gods were in fact heroes and that religion arose out of ancestor worship has also been argued by some in the modern era.

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